Bespoke signage

Signage is a true passion of mine. With a history of working in events, I know it is the finer details that make your special occasion that little bit more unique whilst adding to the overall look and remaining practical.

Bespoke signage on mirror, acrylic, wood, glass, or chalkboard – enables you to make a statement at your celebration or event.

I will work with you to design your signage pieces to match your event styling. Whilst I can source objects including mirrors for your signage I am able to work with materials given to me – everything from and including Gran’s statement mirror to styling chalkboards and easels that already exist within your venue.

Bespoke signage options start from £60. Book a consultation for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.

Bespoke signage on mirror for a baby announcement
Baby’s first Christmas announcement signage

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