About me

UK calligrapher and hand lettering artist.

Pretty, peaceful, and perfectly imperfect – that’s calligraphy in a nutshell to me. It makes people smile and creates special moments.

Always the crafting type, I fell in love with the art of hand lettering and calligraphy after hours and hours of scrolling Pinterest. I was lured into writing on delicate papers, unusual surfaces, and from there, a love of wedding calligraphy and bespoke commissions grew.

Life is filled with so many challenges, you have to appreciate the little things – calligraphy is part of that. It’s truly unique, and these days, that’s rare.

I’ve now been lettering since 2017, constantly coming up with new ideas, and making investments into what might just be the worlds largest pencil case.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch or read more from me in my blog.

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